• Project Outline
  • Survey of law and rules outside Japan and international standardization trends / Disseminating outcomes domestically and internationally

Survey of law and rules outside Japan and international standardization trends / Disseminating outcomes domestically and internationally

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Project details

Research item 1

(1) Ascertaining international trends

In order to establish rules in Japan informed by trends in Europe and the U.S., this project will study the law and rules  in Europe and the U.S., and ascertain the trends of government bodies and standardization organizations involved in the establishment of standardizations (such as the FAA, EASA, and ICAO).

(2) Formulation of rule-making strategy

Formulate a rule-making strategy to be followed by domestic organizations and relevant business operators.

(3) Holding of events

Events for stakeholders in Japan will be held to present information and encourage active discussion of the latest trends on systems outside of Japan and international standardization, as well as international discussion trends.

Research item 3

(1) Communicate results to international community

The website and participation in exhibitions will be used to raise awareness of the research content and results of this project, increase social acceptability, and promote a better understanding for social implementation in Japan.

Mid-term goals (FY2024)/Final goals (FY2026)

  • Understand international trends related to law, rules and standardization. Informed by this understanding, study the possibility of standardizing Japanese technologies, and formulate and support the implementation of rule-making strategies, such as policies for proposing standarization and the establishment of a domestic organization.
  • Increase the number of experts in and outside of Japan who advocate and collaborate with developments outside of Japan and international standardization.
  • Promote understanding among Japanese citizens regarding utilization and social implementation of AAM.
  • Create a website for the ReAMo project and communication research results and achievements.

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